Owner Geoff Whittall has worked in many top British restaurants before moving to Canberra and starting Bombolini doughnuts in 2016. His approach to food is keeping it tasty and simple and ensuring it is made from ingredients that are thoughtfully sourced. The food at KYNEFIN has a slight nod to his British roots and uses top quality ingredients.

With a philosophy that is sustainable, ethical and respectful to land and animals we aim to make environmentally sustainable choices at the cafe such as paper straws and recycling, as well as sourcing free range meats and local produce to reduce our carbon footprint.  

Located in the historic village of Hall on the outskirts of Canberra, KYNEFIN brings a modern cafe experience in a relaxed environment.


The name KYNEFIN comes from the welsh word Cynefin (pronounced Ki-nev-in). Although there is no direct translation to English, it means a place that feels like home - a sense of belonging.